Trident Smiles Dental.

Trident Smiles Dental.

Trident Smiles Dental.

Trident Smiles Dental.

Trident Smiles Dental started with a simple belief. A belief that dental visits can become the very opposite of a boring chore or an agonizing necessity. A vision that patients could actually fall in love with their dental clinic. A vision that dentistry can be empathic and delivered straight from the heart.

After many years of observing the patient struggles firsthand, Dr. Shibani Raja, the founder of Trident Smiles Dental, set out to reinvent the dental experience, transforming it into a relaxing and enjoyable spa beach resort vacation. And we were there to make them succeed.

Client details

Partnership years: 2019 - Present
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Team size: 15
Annual revenue: $3 Million


Trident Smiles Dental partnered up with HUDAC before the grand opening of their first location in 2019. In order to successfully enter a highly competitive dental market, their unique vision had to be well executed and infused into every aspect of the dentistry.

Our 360° partnership began with developing beach resort interiors and equipping them with state of the art technologies. We collaborated with the entire team to streamline practice management apps, email marketing and automations, reviews gathering, recruitment and more.

01. 360° marketing consulting

Online and offline patient experience

Patient perks and amenities

Interior on-brand design

Software and technology advising

Treatment financing options and communication

PR and local business collaborations

HR and recruitment marketing

Email marketing funnels and automations

Referral programmes

Patient reviews gathering


0 to 3M in revenue in 3 years

Expansion of the clinic after 3 years

600+ Google reviews (4.9 stars)

Successful reinvention of the dental experience

Establishing Trident Smiles Dental as a premier provider

To create consistent online and offline experiences, a strong brand positioning, identity and language were required. The aim was to communicate comfort in all aspects of the brand. The kind of pain-free and stress-free comfort patients experience during every treatment.

A new logomark, embodying "dentistry from the heart", was the foundation for all touchpoints. Professional and modern, yet playful and welcoming, the logomark combines the symbol of the industry, the tooth, with the symbol of the indispensable heart and empathy.

02. Brand design

Market research

Competitive brand audit

Brand strategy & positioning

Visual identity systems

Art direction

Brand photography

Stationary design

Brand guidelines


300% yearly growth in organic brand name searches

600+ Google reviews (4.9 stars)

Beloved dental brand that successfully communicates and integrates with stress-free experiences

Unique identity and messaging that stands out from outdated Sunnyvale competitors

The primary Ocean Blue and Deep Blue colors represent the dentistry's beach resort theme. To accompany them, we developed a soothing and complimentary five color pastel palette. All brand assets are also enhanced with vibrant brand photography and a dynamic serif and sans-serif font combination.

With the visual identity and brand language at hand, we developed a fast-loading and conversion-focused web experience on Webflow. The website is seamlessly integrated with NexHealth booking system, Dentrix Ascend practice management and conversion tracking softwares.

The future of dentistry is digital and the new generation of patients will not come through word-of-mouth. From first impressions all the way to appointment booking, 99% of Trident Smiles Dental's patient onboarding process is now online. No form replies or calls required.

Client website:

03. Web design

Market research & analysis

Competitive web audit

Web goals & strategy

UI/UX Wireframing

UI/UX Mockuping

Web development

3rd party integrations

Improvement & maintenance


On-brand digital experience

Seamless online booking integration

FCP 0.5s load time

LCP 1.5s load time

Over 200 conversion CTAs

8.7% CTA conversion

Optimized accessibility

Increasing local organic search ranking on Google is always a challenge in highly-competitive markets with established dentistries. In many cases, their websites and domains have been building up authority, backlinks and ranking for over 20 years. But it is not impossible.

How could a brand new clinic with no ranking ever catch up and get to first page results? Instead of focusing on overcrowded terms such as "dentist" or "dentist near me", our SEO strategy focused heavily on two priority services - "invisalign" and "implants".

04. SEO

Market research & analysis

Competitive SEO audit

SEO goals & strategy

On-page SEO optimization

Off-page SEO link-building

Ongoing On-page & Off-page optimization


210% year to year increase in organic traffic

220% year to year increase in organic impressions

Page 1 ranking for "invisalign" (from page 6)

Page 7 to 3 for "implants"

26% year to year increase in Google Business actions

Organic traffic May 22 - May 23 (Google Analytics)


YoY organic traffic


YoY organic impressions


YoY organic clicks


YoY Google Business actions

Organic impressions May 22 - May 23 (Search Console)

Organic Google Business actions May 22 - May 23 (Google Business Profile)

Organic vs. paid traffic May 2022 (Google Analytics)

Organic vs. paid traffic May 2023 (Google Analytics)

Our SEO efforts for "invisalign" and "invisalign sunnyvale" consisted of 3 primary pillars. The first one was a complete redesign and optimization of Invisalign service pages - integration of keywords, on-page links, patient reviews, H1s, H2s & H3s, FAQs and Google Maps widgets.

The second pillar was regular posting of SEO blogs focused on frequently searched topics like "can invisalign fix overbite", "invisalign before and after" or "invisalign vs smile direct club". The last activity was off-page link building on high authority domains leading back to our website.

56 → 10

YoY avg. position for query "invisalign" (pg. 6 to pg. 1)

11 → 4

YoY avg. position for query "invisalign sunnyvale" (pg. 2 to pg. 1)


YoY organic impressions for query "invisalign"


YoY organic clicks for query "invisalign"

Average position for queries "invisalign" & "invisalign sunnyvale" May 22 - May 23 (Search Console)

Optimization for "implants" and "implants sunnyvale" keywords started with the redesign of all implant service pages. SEO blogs covered queries such as "how much are dental implants" or "what are dental implants" and multiple implant-targeted backlink campaigns took place as well.

62 → 22

YoY avg. position for query "implants" (pg. 7 to pg. 3)

45 → 8

YoY avg. position for query "implants sunnyvale" (pg. 5 to pg. 1)


YoY organic impressions for query "implants"


YoY organic clicks for query "implants"

Average position for queries "implants" & "implants sunnyvale" May 22 - May 23 (Search Console)

To establish Trident Smiles Dental as the premier Sillicon Valley provider, advertising campaigns had to target niche patient demographics right from the beginning. This meant targeting exact zip codes, employers, interests and even specific insurances and PPO plans.

Elaborate audience building, vigorous monitoring and distinctive creatives all led to a premier patient base and large savings on allowed ad spend. As a consequence, Trident Smiles Dental was able to successfully leave the Delta Dental network in 2023.

05. Advertising

Market research & analysis

Competitive advertising audit

Advertising goals & strategy

Creative and copy development

Audience building, targeting and re-targeting

Google Adwords management

Facebook Ads management

LinkedIn Ads management

Google Analytics management

Google Tag Manager management



25% of allowed ad spend saved every year

$0.97 avg. CPC on Google Ads

3.65% avg. CTR on Google Ads

42% of all website conversions from Google Ads

$0.58 avg. CPC on Facebook Ads

2.33% avg. CTR on Facebook Ads

12% of all website conversions from Facebook Ads


Average CPC on Google Ads (May 22 - May 23)


Average CTR on Google Ads (May 22 - May 23)


Average CPC on Facebook Ads (May 22 - May 23)


Average CTR on Facebook Ads (May 22 - May 23)

Website conversion sources May 22 - May 23 (Google Analytics)

Social media and authentic social presence played a crucial role in Trident Smiles Dental's success. Within a year, their TikTokaccount experienced remarkable growth, accumulating over 50,000 followers. Viral videos garnered millions of views and sparked thousands of discussions on dental tips, hacks, and controversies.

Diligent content planning and production involved collaborations with local photographers, influencers, UGC creators and patients. Active engagement and production of high-quality original content introduced the clinic to local audiences, educated existing patients, converted leads and improved SEO ranking.

06. Social Media

Market research & analysis

Competitive social audit

Social media goals & strategy

Social media guidelines

Content planning

Content production

Influencer and UGC collaborations

Social media management


0 to 50K TikTok followers in 1 year organically

Viral videos with over 5M views and 1000 comments

4% engagement rate

Consistent daily dental content

Conversions through on-brand social presence


"Don't wet the toothbrush"



"Tips on getting rid of tonsil stones"


Trident Smiles Dental expanded and doubled the capacity of their Sunnyvale location in July 2023.


Trident Smiles Dental

Project management: Nikul Patel
Art direction: Dr. Shibani Rajadhyksha DDS


Project management: Michal Hudac & Roshan Pillai
Art direction: Michal Hudáč
Advertising: Roshan Pillai
Graphic design: Jakub Lukáč
Content production: Camila Huerta Sánchez
Copywriting: Lynn Bedran
Photography: Alexander Tat & Stacey Chow